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About Kate

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Well Hello

Thanks for dropping by...

I grew up in Melbourne Victoria. But I now live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, from my tech biz office.

My husband and I live with our two kids, both in secondary school and together with our pets (and our devices!!!) we all live a happy fun life!

I actually first dreamt up the concept of Hello Diagnosis (as a passion project project) back in early 2019 when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. By no means is that my only diagnosis I have had in my life, I had major depression approx. 20 years ago, and recently I was diagnosed with ADD.

But in 2019 (with the new advent of technology) I found myself frantically searching the internet for insight and perspective on the symptoms I was experiencing pre-MS diagnosis. I found watching YouTube videos of people talking about their MS diagnosis journey invaluable. This was a major driver in my motivation to start the HELLO DIAGNOSIS Podcast Show. But it all had to take a backseat when we moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in 2020.

With my recent ADD diagnosis my fire to podcast about diagnosis journeys was reignited. And here we are.

Fast forward to here, today.

The new website for Hello Diagnosis is up and the podcast has started.

If you would like to be on my podcast, just drop me a line via my Contact Page.